“Fatma Arargi was born (1931) in Cairo, Egypt.  Arargi Graduated from ‘The Faculty of fine Arts’ in Cairo, 1951. After three decades in 1981, Arargi became the head of painting department at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Alexandria, ‘where she lived.

 Arargi, such most artists of ‘ The Third Generation of the Art Movement’, worked on defining the Egyptian Identity in Art, through a sincere  interaction with heritage and the ongoing political, social changes and challenges from the 50’s to the 70’s and onward. She managed to blend all that with her expression that can be traced in her works through all its different styles of drawing and painting inspired by the essences of Egyptian heritage of all ages and civilizations, and touching base with the rich vernacular heritage with human beings and their world as a core of her works. Such we clearly identify at her Luxor inspired works she started when she granted her art residency in Luxor, and later with the ‘fishermen’ collection, that can be described among many others, as a key of her post war ‘populist surreal & Abstract’ works.

Gradually, metaphysical abstraction dominated the inspiration of her works in the 70’s and 80’s, as her vision of the man and his universe became more conceptually abstracted, while she explored many aspects of such relation both philosophically and aesthetically. Therefore, in her earlier work we see a visible extended practice in many different body of works focused on life of ordinary People, such motherhood, family life of peasants, working class and upper Egyptians. Such she expressed at her post war works though an intense and more abstracted search for the Human and his relation to the Universe, earth and Sun, which can be viewed in her later body of works innovated early 70’s and throughout her career until today. While seeing her work in a panoramic view one can trace a continuum philosophy, search, exploration and such riddles. Her entire collections innovated in different expressions and compositions, indeed formed her seven decades journey into the aesthetics of Art… and life.

The Artist has exhibited her works at few Solo Exhibitions since 1958 until 1989, at the Museum of Modern Art, Cairo, Museum of Fine Art, Alexandria, and Mahmoud said Museum, Alexandria. Besides few solo and group Exhibitions in Rome, Florence, Paris, Vienna, Frankfurt, Moscow and China. Arargi also represented Egypt at Sao Paolo Biennial in 1985.

Artist Fatma Arargi is currently living and working in Alexandria, Egypt. Al Masar Gallery for Contemporary Art exclusively represents the Artist.


Artist Statement | MAN, PLACE, AND TIME | A seven decades Journey.


Ever since man made his appearance in this world, Humans have been striving to explain the phenomena of the universe and his relationships there as well. In his endeavor to reach to equilibrium between himself and the outer world, he tended to creating forms by which he rearranged the relations between the elements of the universe, and determines his attitude towards the diverse forces of nature and his struggle against them.


Undoubtedly, the cultural accumulation which left their imprint on the Egyptian people, the suggestive notions of Egyptian soil, and the relation of both to the human from having been all precipitated deep in the folds of their profound soul, although this may not evident on the surface at first glance.


Human Being is always Influenced by his contemporaneity to universal cultures, the perception they impose, his following – up their produce, and the fact that he is not isolated from them, the artist with his penetrating artistic vision could achieve forms both original and fresh at the same time, while stepping forward from his belonging to the soil on which he lives… today.


The works presented in the retrospective exhibition are examples produced over years of study in an attempt to touch the undercurrent of life flowing through the millennia ever since the Dawn of civilization became well defined in egypt, and until civilization become such a human heritage from the sources of which all people partake, for the enrichment of which they all collaborate.