Georges Bahgory studied Art at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Zamalek, Cairo, 1955 and at the Academy of Fine Arts in Paris in 1970. His 30 years stay in Paris refined his talent in drawing, engraving, painting, sculpture, marionette art, novel writing, cinema and criticism. Upon a special invitation from the Society of Art Lovers in Paris, his works were selected to represent the Egyptian Pavilion at Louvre Museum in 1999. A Face from Egypt was given the Silver Medal award and his name was added to the list of great masters of art. His wood and bronze engravings were on display in many galleries in France and Canada. He also created two granite works during the Aswan International Symposium of Sculpture. His Lithographic accomplishments drew the attention of art lovers in France. Bahgory was also a prominent cartoonist of the two weekly magazines of Sabah Al Khair and Rose El Youssef. He was voted the No. 1 Artist of Portraiture in France, Italy and Spain. He was a candidate of PhD. (the Egyptian line in Picasso works) under the auspices of Professor Fathi Khalaf on Carpets and Rugs. He published “Trilogy of Icons”, a novel which was acclaimed by prominent literary critics such as Dr. Salah Fadl and Edwar Al Kharat. He co-starred in a French film. Some of his works were acquired by the Museum of Modern Art in Amman and the Museum of Modern Art in Cairo.