AL MASAR GALLERY is delighted to announce  the opening of the Exhibition titled MANTIQ AL-TAYR | The Hoopoe misled Solomon  , featuring the recent work by Eminent Contemporary Artist HAMDI ATTIA. This exhibition will showcase 33 recent works by the Artist, which is a continuity to his latest collection titled “THUS SPOKE THE HOOPOE” Exhibited at Al Masar Gallery, 2018 – 2019..

Artist statement | MANTIQ AL-TAYR

Let’s read into an untold story about the journey of enlightenment taken by Al-Tayr. As a leader of the way, the hoopoe arrogantly used his biblical incident with Solomon as a proof of wisdom. However, was everyone really guided by his Mantiq? It is worth noting that the birds and animals have their own Mantiq too. Consequently, giraffes, ostriches and camels are not bodily awkward as the hoopoe implied, rather they are Divas. Also, donkeys and cows have a spirit of peacocks, and even palm trees join the journey in the spirit of Al-Tayr.

In this body of work, I explore telling the story in three stages; building the image digitally, printing with a leaking ink and then overweighing with the painting process.

Hamdi Attia