Abdel Hadi Al Gazzar (1925 – 1966, Alexandria, Egypt) occupies a unique position among the artists of his generation. Since his death, his work has not ceased to challenge artists, intellectuals and critics both in Egypt and abroad. When Al Gazzar was 15 years old, his family moved to Cairo and settled in the district of Sayyida Zaynab. Al Gazzar then attended lessons at the “Artistic Club” established by artist Hussein Youssef Amin, at Helmeya School. In 1950, he received his diploma from the School of Fine Arts. He had his primary exhibition held at the Museum of Modern Art in Cairo in 1951.

In 1957, Gazzar got approval for a second scholarship for another four years in Italy. He participated in the Arab Artists Salon in Rome, where he attained the Silver Medal. In 1958, he participated in the International Exhibition in Brussels: “Fifty years of Arts”, where he was granted the first prize. In 1962, he got hold of the first reward in the contest “The Revolution – Ten Years After,” for his painting “The Charter” Not least, in 1964 he was once again awarded another Medal of Arts & Science and State Incentive for his painting “The High Dam”.

Although the fact that he achieved success relatively fast during his life as confirmed by the many awards, the real artistic impact of Gazzar’s work has been noticeable until recently. This is mainly due to influence which he maintains to implement over the young generations who have made him a spiritual godfather of the symbolic movement in Egypt.