Adam Henein

Adam Henein was born into a family of metalworkers in Cairo in 1929. He was trained as a sculptor at the Academy of Fine Art in Cairo, from which he received his degree in 1953.

Farouk Hosny

Mr. Hosny was born in Alexandria, at that time one of the most important and cosmopolitan cities in the world. The heterogeneous society that made its home there successfully combined the culture and values of Europe and the East, a rich convergence that had a lasting influence on Minister Hosny’s artistic and professional development.

Gihan Suleiman

Gihan Suleiman was born in Kuwait, in 1966. She studied at the Faculty of Fine Arts – Painting Department – Alexandria University, 1983/1988, and pursued advanced studies in Fine Arts earning a Master Degree in “Color as an expressive value in modern painting.”, 1994. Gihan Suleiman also has done PhD in “Nature in the Contemporary Painting”. She was selected for Honoree prize in 5th Cairo International Biennale 1994.

Hamdi Attia

Attia studied at the College of Fine Arts in Cairo , and pursued advanced studies in painting and sculpture at the Egyptian Academy of Fine Arts in Rome . Attia also received an MFA in sculpture from the University of Pennsylvania . He represented Egypt at the Venice Biennial in 1995 taking the top pavilion prize with Akram Al-Magdoub.

H.T.2 | Luxor | Acrylic on Canvas | 145 x 165 cm | 2018

Hazem Taha Hussein

Born in Giza, Egypt in 1961 Associate Professor of visual communication design, Faculty of Applied Arts, Helwan University

Kareem El Qurity

Karim El Qurity was born in 1982, in Cairo, Egypt. Got his Bachelor Degree in Art from Art faculty in Cairo , graduated with honor degree & at present doing his Post graduate studies in painting.

Khaled Hafez

Born in Cairo, Egypt in 1963; currently – lives and works in Cairo.

Mahmoud El Dowaihy

Mahmoud El Dowaihy , Born in Aswan 1979 ,; a gifted Artist , who was discovered by the renowned Artist . Adam Henein who became his Mentor for the past 15 years , through this time El Dowaihy has proven that he is naturally gifted Artist , and the best apprentice to Adam Henien although he never went to Aan Art school , but his talent was polished at Henien’s Atelier till today where he stands tall among the established Sculptors in the Middle East.

Taha Hussein

Mohamed Taha Hussein was born in Gamalia on 14 February 1929. He was raised in the historical districts encompassing the environs of El Azhar and Sayedna El Hussein mosques. Both areas are rich with Islamic architecture and centers of cultural activity as places of religious and political discourse, with its richness of social and political traditions, political pulse, and human behavior. So he lived in a unique atmosphere of a special place among the Arab world which inevitably contributed to the depth and religious references in his art while.