Hamed Nada

Hamed Nada is one of the Landmark artists of the Third Generation, who rebelled against traditional styles of art as he held his first exhibition in 1946.

He studied Art and painting at the High School of Fine Arts and graduated in 1951, which soon after became the Royal Faculty of Fine Arts known today as the Faculty of fine Arts. He taught drawing until 1955 till he moved to Madrid on a scholarship to study the art of mural painting. In 1961 received the Fine Art Diploma from St-Fernando Academy of Fine Arts. In 1946 he joined the Cotemporary Art Group founded by the mentor, Late Artist Hussein Youssef Amin.

Nada fell in love with the theme reflecting Egyptian popular life, the relation between men and women, and upon his visit to Luxor ateliers in 1956; he was inspired by the legacy which we witness at his paintings till his latest ones.

Nada’s magnificent works of Art has been included to major collections such the Museum of Modern Art – Cairo, Fine Art Museum of Alexandria, and ministry of foreign affairs, Faculties of Fine Arts, and so many collections around the globe. During his career, Nada held 15 personal exhibitions in Egypt, Spain and Italy.

Nada received the Prize at the Venice Biennial and He was made an honorary member of the Mediterranean Cultural Center of Barcelona in 1977. The Artist worked as an Art professor at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Cairo till he passed away in 1990.