It is one’s path that defines their existence. Whether a bird in migration, stream in flow or planets in orbit. Artists and their artworks are no exception. The discovery of this path is AL MASAR’s true vocation.

Gallery Statement

Egypt has always been a fertile breeding ground for Modern and Contemporary Art. With a history that unfolds in cultural waves, even Contemporary Egyptian artists seem to be masters of cultural integration. Their blending of poetic memory has bred a vibrant art movement which is feeding into an increasingly promising Art market. The art itself is in need of nothing more than a platform to expose it, hence the founding of ALMASAR GALLERY.

Capitalizing on an experience of twenty years in the curating and promoting of Modern and Contemporary Egyptian Art, I have transformed a turn of the twentieth Century space into a unique exhibition venue. The gallery is located in the famous Behler’s Mansion in the heart of the city on Zamalek Island, a district that is well loved by Cairo’s literati as a home to a wealth of bookstores, theatres, Fine Arts and Music universities, the Opera House, the Cairo Library not to mention the National Museum of Modern Arts.

In recognition of the importance of the flux of both modern & contemporary Egyptian art, ALMASAR Gallery will provide multifunctional exhibition spaces as a platform for Egypt’s pioneering artists beginning with the landmark third generation of the Egyptian modern art movement, swiftly followed by the pioneers of the fourth generation, the innovators of the fifth and the talented and promising contemporary artists of the future.

The gallery’s first exhibition “Overture: The Third Generation” will showcase the works of three painters and one sculptor from the aforementioned third generation. Some of whom have gained international renown for translating their distinctly Egyptian vocabulary of emotion into the universal languages of abstraction and colour.

AL MASAR gallery is both the path and the trace as a cultural nexus of exhibitions and documentation to define the genuine value of modern and contemporary Egyptian art.

Al Masar Gallery | Contemporary Art presents a unique service of  building a Modern and Contemporary Egyptian art collections. A service designed to meet our client’s unique needs objectively and with discretion , we are also pleased to educate and advise the collector prior to acquisition and to reappraise pieces as their value fluctuates. Such services includes: Consultation and Valuation of Modern Artworks by Egyptian Masters.

Al Masar recognizes that art, and collecting art is not only a highly aesthetic endeavor,  but also a form of asset allocation, consewuently Al Masar Gallery is  ready to serve art collectors and cooperates for:

  • Strategic planning services tailored to the creation of an art collection or the enhancement of an existing one
  • Research and development activities to source and acquire artworks across the Egyptian markets
  • Transaction representation on behalf of private clients
  • Auction & Art Fair representation to ensure client confidentiality
  • Full support for clients selling individual pieces or an entire collection
  • Comprehensive assistance with insurance, shipment from Egypt to anywhere in the world.

Al Masar Gallery for Modern & Contemporary Art