Gamal El-Sagini

Gamal El-Sagini  (January 7, 1917 – November 17, 1977) is an Egyptian sculptor, painter and all around artist. Born on January 7, 1917 in Bab El Shaaria, a poor suburb of Cairo, Egypt, El-Sagini discovered his passion for art at a very early age where he grew fond of the architectural nature of old Cairo such as domes, mosques and Islamic architecture which led him in 1934 to join the sculpture department at the First school of Fine Arts founded by prince Youssef Kamal. Guided and mentored by great artists teaching sculpture in Cairo at the time, El-Sagini earned his diploma in sculpture in 1938. El Sagini traveled to Paris at his own expense to pursue higher studies where he was greatly affected by English sculptor Henry Moore who was best known for his abstract technique and reclining figures. El Sagini followed this in 1947 by traveling to Rome to resume his post graduate studies where he received a diploma in Sculpture and Medal Arts in 1950. El-Sagini reflected his thoughts of a better future for his country Egypt through his work. Constantly concerned with his home country’s issues, El-Sagini featured Egypt in most of his works expressing hope, encouragement, disappointment or just pure unconditional love. Introducing symbolism in Egyptian sculpture, El-Sagini used different symbols of Egypt during times of joy, despair, victory and defeat.