Hany Feisal


The great sculptor Hany Mahmoud Feisal was born in 1968, Cairo, Egypt. He studied Fine Art, with the specialization in Sculptor. Feisal, managed to start exhibit his artworks in 1989, before his graduation from Arts University in 1991. Thereafter, he worked as a teacher in the sculpture section at the Faculty of Specific Education at Cairo University. Feisal has gained and achieved many awards, some of which are:

  • The Encouragement Prize – Portrait – National Exhibition for illustrative arts 1989.
  • Third prize- Sculpture- 5th Salon of Youth 1993.
  • Second prize – Sculpture – 6th Salon of Youth 1994.
  • Artist Aida Abdel Kereem prize – sculpture – 1994.
  • Arbitration panel prize – 6th International Biennale for ceramics 2002.
  • Feisal’s great artworks could be found both in Egypt and abroad.