Adam Henein

Adam Henein was born into a family of metalworkers in Cairo in 1929. He was trained as a sculptor at the Academy of Fine Art in Cairo, from which he received his degree in 1953.

Henein became known as a sculptor in the 1950s; he received the Luxor prize in 1954-56, and his work was shown in Cairo, Alexandria, and Munich by the end of that decade. When he moved to Paris in 1971, Henein began to explore painting. In both his paintings and his sculptures, he has gained recognition for the use of ancient Egyptian themes and traditional materials.

From 1989 to 1998 Henein headed the design team involved in the restoration of the Great Sphinx at Giza, drawing on his experience as a sculptor to determine how the monument was originally carved. In 1998 he was decorated for his service by the Egyptian government. He is the founder and director of the annual international sculpture symposium in Aswan, and this position, for which he is known internationally, has been a major activity for the past four years. Henein has had one-person exhibitions in Alexandria, Amsterdam, Cairo, London, Nantes, Munich, Paris and Rome. He has participated in group exhibitions in Cairo, Calais, Casablanca, Dakkar, Ljubliana, Naples, Sorrento and Spoleto. His commissioned works are in public buildings in Egypt, Italy and Saudi Arabia. Henein resides in Egypt.

Adam Henien Adam Henein has participated at few major and important group Exhibitions at Al Masar Gallery, including the Inaugural Exhibition, Titled “Overture” , in 2008, along with 3 Pioneering Artists form the 3rd generation: Mounir Canaan, Taha Hussein & Farouk Hosny ) , and “ Continuity “, in 2009, along with 6 important Artist whom Al Masar Gallery have chosen them among his many apprentices ( Essam Darwish, Mohammed Radwan, Hassan kamel, hani feisal , Maged Michael and Mahmoud Al Douwaihy )… Both exhibition has been curated by Waleed Abdelkhalek, the founder and Director of Al Masar Gallery for Contemporary Art.

About ‘Continuity’ Exhibition:

The Egyptian contemporary sculpture suffered a great decline over the last three decades, that reached the limit of collapse from the seventies to the nineties, due to numerous of reasons, such disappearance of masters and mentors of sculptor art. Aswan International Sculpture Symposium was deemed a pact among the young Egyptian sculptors and the challenge encouraging them, to swiftly move on in confidence towards the serious sculpture work of art. With the material, the sculptors became become one, which is the stones that led to the creation of new vocabulary of emotion and expression. While, each one of them kept his own personal artistic identity, and the convoy moved on.  Some may not know, that the Egyptian sculptor has become an Egyptian Ambassador for Arts, Personal invited to participate in several international gatherings for sculpture around the globe. The true reservoir of any nation is their dreams and ability of imagination. If wisely used, it creates a new world throbbing with art and life.

Adam Henein | 2009