Adel El Siwi

Adel El Siwi (b. 1952, Behera, Egypt) studied medicine at Cairo University between 1970 and 1976, but simultaneously indulged in independent study at the Faculty of Fine Arts between 1974-5. After his education, El Siwi had emigrated to North America and later Milan, before returning to Egypt in 1990 to consider a serious career as a painter, rediscovering the inspirations and artistic achievements of his homeland.

He has been part of several solo & group exhibitions across the globe. Since 1996 he has been involved in a community arts project in Old Cairo initiating and participating in the projections of his work onto historical building in Kom Ghorab, Cairo, Egypt (1996) and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (1996). His art becomes a commentary on the disillusionment caused by political corruption and state control, and an inspiration for individuals to regain consciousness of their communities. Adel’s painting palette is a very important and distinctive feature in his painting, inspired by the concept that less is more. El Siwi is interested in the cyclical nature of life and community which starts with the individual and their multifarious personalities and feelings. His artworks are frequently viewed in series and thus different emotional states are parodied, they become ironic through their interaction.

Adel is keen to use traditional Egyptian painting techniques in a contemporary way adding a dynamic and inner movement to his work; ‘I hope that the face will become a light and cheerful presence among the other faces, as it frees itself from the hegemony of realities, boundaries, and historical memory.’ In 2008, he participated in the Venice Biennale of 2008.

Siwi participated at 7 major important annual group exhibitions at Al Masar Gallery, titled : Contemporary Views, and the major group Exhibition titled, Figurative practices .