Al Ghoul Ali Ahmed

Al Ghoul Ali Ahmed is a pioneering sculptor & painter born in 1933 in Sohag, Egypt. He has earned a BA from the Faculty of Fine Arts in 1963, his MA degree in Fine Arts in Alexandria in 1971 & his P.h.D in 1977. He was professor & head of the Sculpture department in the Faculty of Fine Arts from 1988 to 1993. He has had many solo & group exhibitions both locally & abroad. His international exhibitions include exhibitions in Moscow, Rome, Germany, Japan, France & India. He has participated in Alexandria International biennale in 1959, 1965 & in 1978 winning distinguished prizes. He also participated in Venice International Biennale of 1997 as well as in South Africa International Biennale of 1993. His many recognitions include an award from Commercial Chambers in 1997 in Alexandria, a certificate of Merit from Alexandria governorate, an encouragement prize from Sculpture Exhibition in the Open Air in 1981 & a prize from Alexandria International Biennale. State acquisitions of his artworks include the Museum of Modern Egyptian Art & The Egyptian culture centre in Rome.