Ayman El Semary

Born 1965 in the countryside of Egypt where he is currently living till present. This rich textile of greenery inspired him since his early days, in such passion to Nature he studied at the Art’s Education College , five years later he proved himself as a very promising and talented Artist, and therefore he joined the staff of the Arts Education College teaching Art for younger generations. He got his Maters in Reformulation of Artwork , and got his PHD 2001 in the primary dimensions in postmodernism arts .

In 2007 he was nominated to present Egypt at Venice International biennial

In 2006 he joined the contemporary Egyptian art Exhibition- Abou Dhabi and The contemporary Egyptian art Exhibition, Algeria

In 2005 he participated at the contemporary Egyptian art Exhibition – Prague

In 2004 participated in workshop on ” contemporary Egyptian Art”, Riyadh – Saudi Arabia . In 2003 the Artist presented Egypt at the Alexandria international biennial, Fine arts Museum- Alexandria . In 2002 his Artworks were featured at the contemporary Egyptian art exhibition, China . In 2000 he represented Egypt at Croatia Biennale.