Hassan Kamel


A sculptor, whose study in the Faculty of the Artistic Education, from which he graduated in 1991 and worked as a teacher of sculptor, has given him the ability to deal with different fields of art in various ways and approaches as well as how to find various solutions to deal with the artistic work. An artist is deemed active in the field of the plastic art movement since his graduation by his effective participation in Egypt or abroad.

On the local level he has participated in the Youths Saloon 1991/2001, the National Exhibition 2001/2005, Little Artistic Works Saloon 1999/2001. Hassan Kamel has received several awards in each of these saloons and from the International participation, such as Viceinza Symposium, Italy 2007, Istanbul- Turkey 2008, Huritsa, Cheek Republic 2007, Oman, Jordan 2008, Tripoli – Lebanon 2006, Aswan- Egypt 2000 / 2009 , Alexandria – Egypt 2005/2007. Hussan Kamel has been interested in the field work and received many awards in this field, such as the first award in the design of the plaza works in Sharm El-Sheik City in participation with the artist and consultant Walid Abdel El-Khalik, the design and execution awards for a plaza work, that expresses the thinking of Dr. Taha Hussain.

Hassan Kamel’s style depends on simplicity and exploitation of the open and extended surfaces to express his ideas and attempt to reach a strong and honest expression through the least details. In his work he endeavors to extract the basic values and bases in the ancient Egyptian sculpture. His works reflect the ability to re-conciliate between the art in its pure nature and the art in its relation with the community in its applied form. His dealing with various raw materials has enabled him to express his feeling and ideas freely.