Sami Aboul Azm was born in 1967 in Egypt; he studied at the Faculty of Art Education and received his PhD in 2008. He began his artistic career by collaborating in Youth Salons and National exhibitions and later became a well known and established artist; he was distinguished by his distinctive realistic style, especially with Figurative Art which embodies philosophical and glimmering subject matters and themes. Aboul Azm’s art incorporates Figurative Art, Still Life and Landscape that give emphasis to their presence and existence while respecting the meanings behind their unconventional appearance.
Common in all of his paintings is a portrayal of the human being in a realistic way which reflects a state of alienation and isolation through contradicting elements and blending colors that are characterized by their density and complexity. The art of Aboul Azm often delves into the issues that deal with political or social alienation through models that are carefully selected to become the symbols of thought and meditation to the art viewer. Aboul Azm participated in numerous exhibitions both locally and internationally, not to mention his acquisitions at the Egyptian Museum of Modern Art. Aboul Azm currently lectures in the Painting & Drawing department at the Faculty of Art Education in Egypt.