OPENING | Sunday 17th February | 6:30 – 9:00 PM

‘The exhibition will continue through 14th March, 2019

We are delighted to announce the opening of the Solo Exhibition by acclaimed Artist Sami Aboul Azm (b. 1967), featuring his latest Neo- Realism paintings inspired by his observation of human figures, life and nature, in a divine composition that motivates the strong compositions and such sincere blend that enriches the expressionism of his Art. In his new collection, Titled ‘A quiet Winter’, which is inspired by his art expressions on a theatrical scene, Aboul Azm describes as unfolding scenes throughout one quiet winter… Sami Aboul Azm was born in 1967 in Egypt; he studied at the faculty of Art Education and received his PhD in 2008. Aboul Azm participated in numerous group exhibitions both in Egypt ( At Al Masar Gallery since 2009, ) and abroad, besides 3 solo Exhibitions also at Al Masar Gallery, not to mention his acquisitions at the Egyptian Museum of Modern Art. Aboul Azm is currently working as an art professor at the faculty of art in Cairo

Artist Statement | A Quiet Winter | Chapter III – Finale | Scene Description
He lies there exhausted on his small wooden bed; the smoke of his cigarettes is filling up the room… He remains staring at that image ‘hanged on his wall‘, an image of that defeated hero, the defeated hero who left past winter…
The Girls are still as if they are stone statues, waiting for what may never come along… Clay & hay hills emerging from the bottom of that old lake where wild grass has grown again under the sun, but as well, they didn’t last such as vanished beauty of those short lived Cactus Flowers… Handbag and shoes belonging to someone who no longer exists… Those clouds up in the sky are predicting a winter… a quiet winter.
Sami Aboul Azm, 2019

للنص بالغه العربية برجاء الضغط هنا

شتاء هادئ | الفصل الثالث والأخير | وصف المشهد يرقد هناك منهكا على سريره الخشبى الصغير ، ودخان سجائره يملأ الغرفة، وينظر الى صورة البطل المهزوم المعلقة على الجدار ، البطل المهزوم الذى رحل ذات شتاء مضى.. الفتيات ساكنة كالتماثيل الحجرية لا تمل من الأنتظار لشىء قد لا يأتى ابدا..وجبال الطين الممتزج بالقش والتى خرجت من قاع البحيرة القديمة ، وقد نمت فيها الحشائش البرية مرة اخرى بفعل الشمس ، لا تدوم هى الأخرى مثل الجمال الزائل لأزهار الصبار قصيرة العمر ( خلفية المشهد)…حقيبة سفر وحذاء لشخص لم يعد موجودا ، و سحاب السماء ينذر بشتاء.. شتاء هادىء. سامى ابو العزم, 2019