Alienation | Paintings by Sami Aboul Azm | 20 January – 1 March 2013 | Solo Exhibition


20 January – 1 March 2013

Al Masar Gallery | The Art Lounge has the pleasure to announce the opening of “Alienation”, the first solo exhibition by the established & highly talented artist Sami Aboul Azm.  The artist through his works in this exhibition is inspired by the national narcissism that the nation has recently experienced when people dreamed of justice, freedom, equality, and human dignity. Through this exhibition, the artist dwells on what have become of this nation now. He describes what the nation is currently feeling as being feelings of alienation, separation & fear which dominate our relationships with each other while keeping distances between each other & closing off within ourselves. The paintings represent states of alienation & separation represented even in still life paintings & landscape. The paintings manifest an inherent mystery & silence of a place & an existence, the inner dialogue of things & the presence & the absence of things. Through this exhibition, the artist is communicating the idea of ‘alienation within the nation & not from the nation’.

The exhibition “Alienation” will continue through March 1, 2013.

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