Contemporary Views IV | Figurative Practices | Group Exhibition |
29 MAY – 15 JANUARY 2011

AL MASAR GALLERY │Contemporary Art

29 May – 30 November 2011

Ragheb Ayad│Tahia Halim│Saiid El Sadr│Mounir Canaan │Taha Hussein│Omar El Nagdy│Adel El Siwi│Ibrahim El Dessouky│Essam Marouf│Sami Abouelazm│Essam Darwich│Nagi Farid│Mohamed Radwan│Ahmed Askalany│Kareem El Qurity│Hany Rashed│Mahmoud El Dowaihy│Asmaa El Nawawy│Ahmed Farid

Contemporary Views IV Figurative Practices will be showcasing both paintings and sculptures that will provide viewers with a lively walk through the cultural interpretations and visions of the most imminent Egyptian artists. Each artist’s work has traces of the artist’s own life and experience in Egypt from its beautiful sceneries, to Egyptian figures and faces whose features are expressing unspoken words and emotions exposing our personalities and identities. Through each artist’s work, an establishment of the Egyptian identity is formed. The works of the artists cannot be more of a truthful depiction of the world around them. Their works have been the vanguard of communicating the beliefs, wishes and dreams of this society and the essence of their art makes it a true representative of the soul of Egyptian Art as a whole, being the medium in which ideas and the elements of visual art are joined.

Adel El Siwi

Ahmed Askalany

Ahmed Farid

Asmaa El Nawawy

Essam Darwich

Essam Marouf

Hany Rashed

Ibrahim El Dessouki

Kareem El Qurity

Mahmoud El Dowaihy

Mohamed Radwan

Mounir Canaan

Nagy Farid

Omar El Nagdy

Ragheb Ayad

Saiid El Sadr

Sami Aboul Azm

Taha Hussein

Tahia Halim