Contemporary Views VII | Eminent Gallery Artists | 2nd to 5th generation

Al MASAR GALLERY is pleased to announce the seventh series of its annual Exhibition Contemporary Views VI, which showcases a wide selection of paintings and sculptures by the gallery’s fine artists giving the opportunity to Art lovers walk through cultural interpretations and visions of the most eminent Egyptian Artists and Artwork. The Artworks depicts traces of each artist’s own life and experience in Egypt from its beautiful scenery to Egyptian figures and faces whose features express unspoken words and emotions. The Egyptian identity is portrayed by each artist’s style and approach. The artists’ artworks are nothing but truthful depictions of their surroundings and a representation of the soul of Egyptian Art as a whole. The exhibition features the artwork of some Eminent and renowned Modern and Contemporary Egyptian Artists of Al MASAR.

Kindly contact us if you wish to view more Artwork by any of participating Artists..