Contemporary Views XI | Eminent Gallery Artists | 1ST  to 5th generation

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*** Tenth Anniversary ***

Omar El Nagdi – Egyptian princesses – mixed media and gold leafs on Canvas – 120×250 cm – 2017

Contemporary Views XIEminent Gallery Artists | 1ST  to 5th generation

Will continue through | 27 September 2018

In the occasion of Al Masar Gallery’s tenth anniversary we are pleased to present the Annual & crucial Exhibition Titled Contemporary Views XI, will showcases a wide exclusive selection of MajorArtworks ” paintings, drawings, Pottery and sculptures by the Gallery’s fine artists from the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th generation, giving the opportunity to Art collectors & viewers to walk through identical cultural interpretations, various visions and diverse views of our Egyptian Artists whom are unique, educators  and thinkers.

The Artworks depicts traces of each artist’s own life and experience in Egypt from its beautiful scenery to Egyptian figures and faces and contemporary social and political views on different subjects, which features express unspoken words and emotions. The Egyptian identity is portrayed by each artist’s style and approach. The artists’ artworks are nothing but truthful depictions of their surroundings and a representation of the soul of Egyptian Art as a whole. The exhibitions features the artwork of Eminent  Modern Contemporary Egyptian Artists of Al MASAR.

‘Participating Artists’

Late Artists: Hussein Youssef Amin, Seif Wanly, Salim Al Habashi ( Mogli ), Mahmoud Khalil, Samir Rafi, Alexander Saroukhan, Hassan Suleiman, Mahmoud Abdullah, Nabil Darwish & Khadiga Riad, and others.

Artists: Omar El Nagdi, Salah Enani, Hazem Taha Hussein, Ebrahim El dessouki, Hamdi attia, Sami Aboul Azm, Esam Darwish, Kareem Al Qurity, Hend Adnan, tarek Montasser, Muhammad Mnadour, Ahmed farid and many others.

Looking forward to welcome you to view this unique Exhibition

Al Masar Gallery