Contemporary Views XV | July 27 – Sept 29, 2022

AL MASAR GALLERY is delighted to announce  the opening of the Fifteenth’s edition of Al our annual Exhibition ” Contemporary Views “ , showcasing the works of all Al Masar Gallery’s Eminent and established Artists from the First to the sixth generations of the divine Egyptian Art Movement.

The exhibition will showcase historical and recent Paintings and Sculptures by the gallery’s fine artists, thus giving the opportunity to Collectors & Art lovers to walk through the thriving artistically interpretations of artist’s different inspirations being innovated in varies expressionism which defines the identity of our eminent Egyptian Artists.

The featured Artworks depicts traces of each artist’s own life and experience in Egypt and abroad, from its beautiful scenery to Egyptian figures and faces whose features express unspoken words and emotions to surrealism and divine abstraction. Such Egyptian identity is portrayed by each artist’s style and approach. The artists’ artworks are nothing but truthful depictions of their surroundings and a representation of the soul of Egyptian Art as a whole. The exhibition features the artwork of some Eminent and renowned Al Masar’s Modern and Contemporary Egyptian Artists.

The Exhibition will showcase the works of Eminent, pioneering  and established ‘1st – 6th’ Generation Artists:

Mahmoud Said – Hussein Youssef Amin – Abdelhadi El Gazzar – Hussein Bikar – Samir Rafi – Tahia Halim – Hamed Abdalla

Mahmoud Khalil – Omar El Nagdi – Taha Hussein – Adam Henien – Fatma Arargi – Mahmoud Abdalla – Nabil Darwish.

Adel El Siwi – Hazem Taha Hussein – Sami Aboul Azm – Hamdi Attia  – Essam Darwish – Kareem El Qurity – Mohammad Radwan

Tarek Montasser – Mohammed Mandour – Ahmed Farid – Ghada Mourad – Hend Atef – Ahmed Askalany – Maged Michael – Mahmoud El Doweihi

The Exhibition will continue until September 29th.

Looking forward to welcome you to Al Masar Gallery to view this stunning Exhibition