EGYPTIANISM | By Omar El Nagdi | 12 April – 7 May 2009 | Solo Exhibition

AL MASAR GALLERY │Contemporary Art

Principal 2009 show of the Artist | Masterpieces on Canvas from the 1970’s – 2009

12 April –  7 May 2009

Al Masar Gallery is pleased to announce this important solo exhibition by Omar E Nagdi , which will feature his masterpieces on large canvases  which are shown for the first time ( from 1x1m to 5×2 m paintings ) from the 70’s until today.

El Nagdi who was born 1931, in Cairo, is a sculptor, director, musician and philosopher who enjoys working with painting, wood, clay, iron, glass as well as stone. He achieved his higher diploma in the field of Art History in 1953 and graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts from Helwan University. As outstanding as he was, he got awarded a one-year scholarship to study ceramics in the Soviet Union in the year of 1959.

Over the era 1960-64, he accomplished further studies in the Academy of Fine Arts, Venice, Italy. In 1963, he graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts, Ravenna, Italy, where he studied the Art of Mosaic. In 1964, El Nagdi obtained another diploma from the Venice-based Ruskin Artistic Appreciation Institute, Italy.  This great Egyptian Artist made a mark by introducing a strong original quality in the Modern Egyptian Art and thus received numerous awards. His magnificent brush strokes and beloved Egyptian themes on his large acrylic on canvas Paintings can be viewed on the walls of Al Masar Gallery, as well as in Modern Art Museums both in Egypt and abroad.