Farghaly Abdel Hafiz

Born in Dairout, Middle Egypt, in 1941. A graduate of the Institute of Art Education and the Academy of Fine Art in Florence. He was elected, in 1989 Dean of Faculty of Art Education until 1994 and ever since has been a Faculty Professor.

Abdel Hafiz reprensented Egypt in several Biennales, including the Biennale of Sao Paolo 1985 (one man show), the Biennale of Venice in 1972, 1987 and in 1993 (one-man-show), First Biennale of China. 2002 He participated in the Exhibition titled “The other side of the Mediterranean” at the Muvim Museum, Valencia, Spain.
Over and above, the artist has held over 40 private exhibitions, and participated in over 20 international exhibits in USA & Europe. Abdel Hafiz is the recipient of several awards, gold medals and honorary certificates in National and International Exhibitions.

Abdel Hafiz designed stage scenes, lighting effects for the Opera Aida at the Prague Opera House, Czechoslovakia.
Since 1997, 3 books were published describing the artist and his art, entitled respectively: “Farghali”, “Excavations for Spiritual Energies”,“the Legendary of Petra”.

Farghali’s work is mainly rooted in his identification, with his environment. His current working space is Dahshour, one of the most historical sites in Egypt, a place which provides a quiet and spiritual environment .
It is worth mentioning that in 1981 Abdel Hafiz founded with three other Artists the Axis Group, which is one of the most important art movements in Post-Modernism era in Egypt.This group designed and executed the art work at the International Conference Center in Egypt.

Also his work is exhibited in several museums around the world, as well as major Banks and international Institutions.
Through out his outstanding career, Farghali explored with all kinds of styles. His brushstrokes always typically spontaneous, underlying his bold and daring personality, his choice of colors never stopped to develop. He experienced different media such as oil, watercolour,pencils, acrylics, corn stalk, sand, mud, clay and metals. Fraghali is considered an exceptional multi faceted and versatile artist.