MAN AND THE UNIVERSE | FATMA ARARGI (1931-2022) | AL MASAR GALLERY | March 12th – April 30th, 2023

Al Masar Gallery would like to announce the opening of the third Solo Exhibition of late pioneering Artist, FATMA ARARGI (1931-2022), Titled: MAN AND THE UNIVERSE, on Sunday March 12th, 2023. Al Masar requests the honor of your attendance at the Opening, on Sunday March 12th, from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM… The Exhibition showcases major (never before exhibited) paintings, produced between the 1970’s and the 1990’s. The exhibition features her body of work, titled: Man and the Universe, along with other collections, such as Leaning in Balance and Walls of Time.

This exhibition marks the remembrance of one year since the passing of pioneering Artist, Fatma Arargi and in synchronization with Women’s Day today. A Visionary and Feminist, Artist Fatma Arargi celebrates Women and is upheld as one of the top Female Egyptian Modern Artists of all time…


Ever since Man made his appearance in the world, humans have been striving to explain the phenomena of the universe and their relationships there as well. In Man’s endeavor to reach an equilibrium between himself and the outer world, he tends to create forms by which he rearranges the relations between the elements of the universe, determines his attitude towards the diverse forces of nature, and his struggles against them.

Undoubtedly, the cultural accumulation left an imprint on the Egyptian people: the suggestive notions of Egyptian soil, and its relation to the human from having been all precipitated deep in the folds of their profound souls, although this may not be evident on the surface at first glance.

The Human Being is always Influenced by his contemporaneity to universal cultures, the perception they impose, his following – up to his own production, and the fact he is not isolated from them. The Artist with his penetrating vision could achieve forms both original and fresh simultaneously, while stepping forward from the soil which he belongs to and lives today. 

This collection and body of work are examples produced over years of study with an aim to touch on the undercurrent of life flowing through the millennia ever since the Dawn of civilization became well defined in Egypt, and until civilization became such a human heritage from the sources of which attempt all people partake, for the enrichment of which they all collaborate. (Fatma Arargi)

Fatma Arargi was born (1931) in Cairo and passed away on January 30th 2022. Arargi Graduated from ‘The Faculty of fine Arts’ in Cairo, in 1954. In 1981, after three decades, Arargi became the head of the Painting department at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Alexandria, where she lived. Arargi, such as most artists of ‘The Third Generation’, worked on defining the Egyptian identity in Art, through a sincere interaction with heritage and the ongoing political and social changes and challenges from the 1950’s to the 1970’s and onward. She managed to blend all of such with her expression, traceable to her works in all her diverse styles of drawing and painting. She is inspired by the essence of Egyptian heritage, of all ages and civilizations, and touches base with the rich vernacular heritage with in which all human beings and their world is the core of her works. Such, we clearly identify in her Luxor themed works, where she was granted an Art residency, and later with the Fishermen collection. These can be described, among many others, as essential examples of her post-war ‘Populist Surreal & Abstract’ works.

The Artist has exhibited her works at few Solo Exhibitions since 1958 until 1989, at the Museum of Modern Art, Cairo; Museum of Fine Art, Alexandria; and Mahmoud Said Museum, Alexandria. Aside from a  few solo and group Exhibitions in Rome, Florence, Paris, Vienna, Frankfurt, Moscow and China. Her last two Exhibitions were held in Al Masar Gallery, Cairo, in 2019 and in 2022. Arargi also represented Egypt at the Sao Paolo Biennial in 1985. Her works have been acquired by both National and Regional museums.

Al Masar Gallery for Contemporary Art exclusively represents the Artist.

للنص بالغة العربية برجاء الضغط هنا

الأنسان و الكون

منذ أن وجد الانسان في هذا العالم وهو يسعي لتفسير مظاهر الكون و علاقته بها,  في محاولته لحقيق التوازن بينه و بين العالم الخارجي مما جعله يلجأ لخلق الأشكال التي يعيد بها ترتيب العلاقة بين عناصر الكون ويحدد موقفه من قوي الطبيعه المختلفة وصراعه معها, ولا شك أن التراكمات الحضارية التي تركت بصمتها علي الشعب المصري وإيحاءات التربه المصرية وعلاقة ذلك بالشكل الانساني قد ترسبت عميقاً في طيات وجدانه وإن بدت غير واضحة لأول وهلة علي السطح. ان الفنان بما تمليه عليه معاصرته للثقافات العالمية من فهم وتتبع لنتاجها وعدم عزلته عنها يستطيع بنفاذ بصيرته الفنيه أن يصل الي اشكال تتسم باصالتها وتجددها في نفس الوقت انطلاقاً من هذه الارض التي يعيش عليها اليوم.. مجموعة الأنسان و الكون, ما هي الا أمثلة من نتاج سنوات طويلة من البحث تستهدف محاولة تلمس تيار الحياه المنساب عبر الآف السنين, منذ ان تجددت معالم الحضارة في مصر, حتي اصبحت الحضارة تراثاً انسانياً تشترك كل الشعوب من الأخذ من مناهله و التضافر لإثراثه.. (فاطمة عرارجي)

ولدت الفنانة الكبيرة  الدكتورة فاطمة العرارجي عام 1931, بالقاهرة,  و تخرجت من كلية الفنون الجميلة عام 1954, و اصبحت عام 1981 رئيساً لقسم التصوير الزيتي بكلية الفنون الجميلة بالأسكندرية , و هي تنتمي لجيل الخمسينيات و الستينات (الجيل الثالث ), وهو الجيل الذي يعد الحراك الثالث من الحركة الفنية المصرية للفن الشكيلي الحديث بالقرن العشرين, بعد جيل الرواد وجيل الأربعينيات. كما تتميز الفنانة كسائر فناني الجيل الثالث بتقنين الهوية المصرية في الفن, و بالتفاعل مع الأحداث السياسية و الأجتماعية منذ عام 1952 و ما بعدها من تواصل مستمر في تطوير هوية الفن المصري الحديث حتي اليوم.

اقامت الفنانة خلال مشوارها الفني  “الذي هو قرابة السبعة عقود” بأقامة معارض فردية بدءاً من عام 1958 بمتحف الفن الحديث, و تلاه عدة معارض بمتاحف الفنون الجميلة و محمود سعيد بالأسكندرية, و قاعة أخناتون بالقاهرة, و معارض فردية  بروما و باريس في السبعينات. كما اشتركت بمعارض جماعية بروما و فلورنسا بايطاليا, و موسكو بروسيا , فرنكفورت بألمانيا , و فيينا بالنمسا , و الصين, و أخرها معرض أستيعادي بقاعة المسار بالقاهرة, 2019 . كما مثلت مصر ببينالي ساو باولو بالبرازيل عام 1985. الفنانة لها مقتنيات عدة بمتاحف و مؤسسات بمصر و الخارج, و تمثلها قاعة المسار للفن المعاصر . و يعد هذا المعرض الأستيعادي الثالث للفنانة القديرة, فاطمة عرارجي (1931-2022). المعرض سيستمر حتي 30 أبريل, 2023 .