Pulsatio | 2013 – 2015 By Eminent Artist | Taha Hussein

Opening | 25 October 2015

The Artist will present at the opening

The Exhibition will continue through 23 December 2015

Al Masar Gallery | Contemporary Art has to announce its first Exhibition for the upcoming 2015-2016 season , and will present the long awaited Exhibition by renowned and state Art prize winner TAHA HUSSEIN . The Exhibition features Hussein’s latest Art innovations which reflects and sheds the light on the evolution of his works today.

Bernd Damke the renowned German Art critique wrote recently on Hussein’s new collection:

Drawing on a great and rich repository of years lived.  A successful symbiosis of overview and proximity; both leave their traces in his oeuvre. The overarching imagistic world and the place of their origin fade into one another. The curtain behind the dining table and the view from the window which is veiled by closed curtains. An underlying ambient hum, known for years, hardly perceived anymore. In this manner, the ambience, the place of creation take hold in the greater imagistic contexts which are thus imbued with all the more authenticity, since, while they originate here, they point much further – to the realm of great art.

To view the complete PULSATIO collection, please contact us.