Taha Hussein was born in Gamalia on 14 February, 1929. He was raised in the historical districts encompassing the environs of El Azhar and Sayedna El Hussein mosques. Both areas are rich with Islamic architecture and centers of cultural activity as places of religious and political discourse with its richness of social and political pulse, and human behavior. Living in a unique atmosphere of a special place in the Arab world inevitable contributed to the depth and religious references in his work.

Having excelled in drawing at school, earning affectionate nicknames as “the teacher of drawing”  , where he was trained with the finest art teachers at that time. All this led to Taha Hussein joining the Applied Arts Royal college, where he completed his studies in 1951 ranking the top of his class, gaining his path into Arts which he is still continuing until this day through lecturing at the College of Applied Arts, and painting in his country side Atelier among the greenery and enjoying the gentle breeze, an atmosphere, which he says, charges of his soul.

He left Egypt to DĂĽsseldorf in 1957 to continue his studies in Arts , along with other colleagues such Adam Henien , architect Ahmad Abdoun , Maher Raef and others , later after finishing his post graduate studies , then he got his PHD 1963.

His art experience in abstraction started after his 50’s period when he could have called such the Egyptian George ROAULT, using thick features lines to figurative painting featuring life in the country side, swiftly moved to his continuous journey into calligraphy Art, which he is still painting till today. Taha Hussein is a versatile artist, the witness to that is his magnificent artworks of paintings, sculptures, pottery, Hand Tuft Art Carpets, and batik.

Taha Hussein received many honorable awards for his life achievements in art, while he is still lecturing at the university.

Al Masar Gallery had the pleasure of celebrating the artist’s 80th birthday with a solo-exhibition “Abstract Emotions” in 2009.