Ahmad Farid | MIGRATION | 19 October – 13 November 2014

AL Masar Gallery for Contemporary Art is pleased to hold its second solo exhibition for the diligent artist Ahmad Farid titled “Migration”. The exhibition showcases the artist’s extended thoughts of his previous solo exhibition titled “Urban Diversity”. The exhibition shows the artist’s most recent works inspired by the notion of migration, and in particular by the continuous movement and instability of life. The collection displayed features the artist’s profound insight and representation of the ongoing exploration of the collective for the acquiring of the unattained superlative.

The Artist wonders if there has ever been a migration from better to worse! Migration as I imagine it is the instability and continues movement of all; whether it is people, birds, animals, wind or ideas. Last year, I endeavored to demonstrate my views on the slums throughout my solo exhibition at Al Masar Gallery titled, “Urban Diversity”. As I took a profound insight into this argument, I was carried to a scene to which I had unsurpassed feelings. Movement; a scene I felt best for us and our country. It is the discarding of the visually unpleasant for the superlative. For the sake of which we keep on migrating, altering, approaching, yet it remains unattained. Egyptians might migrate from one country to the other, yet they never cease to carry their identities along.  If we decided for example to move to New York City, we will certainly redecorate it as we fancy it.

I find this theme a significant subject to consider and it is a challenging journey I will take to ensure that my ideas will drift to wherever I want them to be heard.

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