IL Corpus Homanus II | AL MASAR GALLERY | The Art Lounge |
18 MAY – 18 SEPTEMBER 2014

Painting & Sculptures by:

Ibrahim El Dessouki, Sami Aboul Azm, Esam Darwish, Kareem Al Qurity.

18 May – 18 September | 2014

Al Masar Galleryhas the honor to mark its 6th anniversary and announce its exclusive exhibition IL Corpus Homanus II | The Human Body II where artists hold a great vision of the human body and portrait. Their inspiration comes from the Egyptian heritage and the pharaohs, interpreted into great modern and contemporary Egyptian Art.

IL Corpus Homanus was showcased at Al Masar Gallery five years ago and today we continue exploring this source of Art practice by presenting IL Corpus Homanus II. The human body has always been a rich source of inspiration for Artists since the beginning of time, starting with the Pre-Historic Artist sketching rock Art, yet to be a mature contemporary Art, to the ultimate Art legacy within the old Egyptian Art followed by many different civilizations and cultures. Coptic, Persian, far eastern and European civilizations were featured by Leonardo Da Vinci in his revolutionary Study Drawing  Il Corpus Homanus del Vitruvius, inspiring world wide artists and civilizations till today.

IL Corpus Homanus II will feature exceptional Artists, such heirs to an ancient Egyptian tradition, who will take the audience to another level of Art.  The theme of the human body is not a new initiative in the world of Art; however, it is done in a different contemporary approach that has never been spotted in Cairo before.

Ibrahim El Dessouki

Sami Aboul Azm

Esam Darwish

Kareem Al Qurity