Booming Sale Results of Gallery at Christie’s Auction | 30 October 2013 | Modern & Contemporary Arab, Iranian & Turkish Art Part II | Dubai

Al Masar Gallery | Contemporary Art is delighted to announce the booming sale results of unique artworks by gallery artists Ibrahim El Dessouki & Kareem Al Qurity at Christie’s Dubai Auction titled ” Modern &Contemporary Arab, Iranian & Turkish Art Part II” that took place on 30 October 2013. The success that each artist has acheived at the auction is a great testiment to their talents & strong artworks. We are continually amazed at the level of dedication that both artists possess enabling them to produce serious, genuine & valuable art that we as a gallery believe will stand the test of time. We take great pleasure & pride in representing those two great talents with an even brighter future ahead of them.



Ibrahim El Dessouki


Painting Description:
The Egyptian Violet| Oil on Canvas | 80 x 185 cm | 2012

About the Artist:
Ibrahim El Dessouki (b. 1969, Cairo, Egypt) lives and works in Cairo as a painter of a highly condensed style in portraiture as well as in still life painting and landscape. His unique elaborate and highly meticulous treatment of shades & his refined textures that echo his feelings through an extraordinary & notable use of paint kneaded carefully to result in simultaneously dreamy & epic tones of color. Not to mention his immense sized shapes of women who pose at times to inspire awe and bewilderment showing off in the meantime details and mutations of degrees-of dimness, shades and light, to evoke the sense of tenderness and delicacy out of so many thick layers of rich and varied tints of paint which make the painting so vital and poetic.

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Kareem Al Qurity


Painting Description:
Kafour Ikhshidy | Mixed Media on Canvas | 150 x 230 cm| 2013

Artist Statement:
Abu al-Misk Kafour Al Ikhshidy was the governor of Egypt who ruled it since 966 AD and for a period of 23 years. He was from Abyssinia. Stories have ranged between accounts in favor of him governing Egypt portraying him as a fair & just ruler & other accounts that rejected him as a ruler to Egypt. Many of the greatest Arab poets in classical times have expressed this state in many of their poems. One of them was the great Arab poet Abou At-Tayeb Al-Mutanabbi who has written poems flattering & praising Kafour while he also has a very famous scathing satirical poem that condemns & ridicules him.

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