City of Virtue | Gihan Suleiman | 20 December 2009 – 11 January 2010 |
Solo Exhibition

AL MASAR GALLERY | Contemporary Art

Artist Mohsen Shaalan, Head of the Fine Arts sector, will kindly inaugurate the Exhibition

20th December 2009  – 11 January 2010

Artist & professor Gihan Suleiman was born in Kuwait, in 1966. She studied at the Faculty of Fine Arts at Alexandria University, 1983/1988, and pursued advanced studies in Fine Arts earning a Master Degree in “Color as an expressive value in modern painting.”, in 1994. Gihan Suleiman received a PhD in “Nature in the Contemporary Painting”. Suleiman was selected for the Honoree prize in the 5th Cairo International Biennale in 1994. Her work has been featured in private and international exhibitions both in Egypt and abroad. Suleiman currently works as professor and lecturer in the painting department at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Alexandria, Egypt.

Regarding her art, Gihan Suleiman once expressed:
”There is no time to deal with aesthetic forms, academic patterns, professionalism and experimental-ism in geometrical space. A horrible chaos, unique circumstances of shapelessness are imposing their existence upon our time. The universe seems to rethink  its own form, aspired to a post chaotic era.  Urban-ism collection was inspired by my city, hence the same theory which we live day be day”.

Gihan Suleiman currently has another 2 Exhibitions abroad during November / December 2009 , in Kuwait (Contemporary Vibes Curated , organized & presented by AL MASAR GALLERY) , and modern Egyptian women Artists Exhibition in Bonn Museum – Germany.  Her works are part of many art collections and hotels collection in Egypt, Middle East & Europe.

Artist’s Statement | City of Virtue
The contemporary thought and idea in any society is nothing more than to form a new identity of a unique norm where values of the old and present urban trends collide; it’s a feature that indicates free will, scientific vision that leads to originality and innovation.

The only thing a man can be aware of in the universe is nothing but theories of mathematics and geometry, defining  the final results and complete understanding for the modern philosophical theories as math blends in materialistically. Forms are controlled by the ruling law of mathematics which controls the expansion of modern urbanization, thus the development of the modern ideal city.

تيارات الفكر المعاصر فى أى مجتمع ، ماهى الا محاولات نحو خلق شخصية جديدة , تحمل طابعا مميزا
تجتمع فيه قيم الماضى العريق , وقيم الحاضر المتطور , طابعا يتسم بالارادة الحرة , وبالنظرة العلمية
وينتهى بذلك الى الأصالة والابتكار , وكل مايمكن ادراكه فى الكون ما هو الامجموعة من المعادلات الرياضية والهندسية
وان النتائج النهائية والمفاهيم الكلية للنظريات الفلسفية الحديثة ظلت كما هى ومضمونها أن الصيغة العددية والقانون
الرياضى هو الأساس فى جميع الأشكال التى يمكن للمادة أيا كانت عضوية أو غير ذلك , فالأ شكال جميعها يحكمها قانون
رياضى أو ميكانيكى هو المتحكم فى عملية نموها وتطوره , lمما يؤدي ألي طريق أبتكار مدينة مثالية.