Contemporary Vibes II | Al Masar Gallery’s First Exhibition in Kuwait |
8 November 2009 | Group Exhibition

Al Masar Gallery | Contemporary Art

18th November
Ayman El Semary – Hamdi Attia – Essam Marouf – Gihan Suleiman – Hany Rashed – Kareem El Qurity & Sameh Ismail

With the increasing interest in all aspects of the Middle East, artists are springing up all over the region to fill the global eye. The heightened awareness of the region in general is unfolding in an explosion of artistic activity. Art, it would seem, is the new fuel for the world’s fascination, relying on rich heritage, such merely an extensive museum of Ancient civilizations.

Egypt has always been a fertile breeding ground for artistic growth among the Middle Eastern countries, with a history that unfolds in cultural waves following a unique Pharaohs legacy, even contemporary Egyptian artists seem to be specialized in a tradition of cultural integration. A multi-colored collage of voices almost effortlessly call on a complex and fascinating poetic memory, making contemporary Egypt the exciting place it is.

Like the waves of the sea, the cultural and artistic development of Egypt consisted of crests and valleys, extending over a span of more than three thousand years. Each successive wave of artistic renewal in Egypt began with a new generation of artists. This exhibition features the magnificent artists of the fifth generation who marked milestones for the future artists to follow.

Therefore, Al Masar Gallery is always pleased to collaborate with other celebrated Art Galleries and Organizations abroad. Since Al Masar Gallery only works with the most acknowledged and significant artists in the Arab world, it holds the main key and the opportunity to reach out to the art clienteles as well as art lovers who are searching for ”the true value”.

Ayman El Semary

Essam Marouf

Gihan Suleiman

Hamdi Attia

Hany Rashed

Kareem El Qurity

Sameh Ismail