IL CORPUS HOMANUS | 15 November – 7 December 2009 | Group Exhibition

Al Masar Gallery | Contemporary Art

His Excellency The Minister of Culture  &  artist Farouk Hosny, will kindly inaugurate the exhibition

15th November – 7 December 2009

Il Corpus Homanus | The Human Body, that rich source of inspiration for Artists since the beginning of time, starting with the Pre-Historic Artist sketching rock Art ”yet to be a mature contemporary Art,” to the ultimate Art legacy within the old Egyptian Art followed by many different civilizations and cultures, as Coptic, Persian, far Eastern, European and many others who were as well inspired. Today, the inspiration still goes on as rich on all medias, and by today’s Contemporary Artists.

This exhibition features exceptional Artists, such heirs to an ancient Egyptian tradition, who will take the audience with storm. The human body, this exhibition’s theme, is not a new invention but it is done in a different contemporary style that has never been spotted in Egypt before. The featured artists hold a great vision of the human body and the portrait. Their inspiration comes from the Egyptian heritage, the Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt, interpreted into great modern and contemporary Egyptian Art.

Ibrahim El Dessouki , born 1969, Cairo, Egypt where he still lives and works. The artist is a painter of highly condensed style in portraiture, still life painting as well as landscape.

Essam Darwich , born 1970, Cairo, Egypt. He holds a PH D in Art specialized in sculpture and is one of the most prominent and promising names in the art of sculpture. His presence is strongly felt in many of the art of portrait exhibitions, where his statue of Taha Hussain’s portrait and that of Saleh Selim, the Egyptian famous football star, have glittered , Darwich continues his inspirations from the sunrise to the Human Body.

Sami Aboul Azm , born 1967, Cairo Egypt, graduated from the faculty of Fine Art.  He is a member of the Fine Art artists’ Association and participates in many group exhibitions nationwide.

Nermine Hammam , is a young woman who studied Fine Art and Film Making. Hammam is exceptional in the art of Photography whereas she always manages to capture ”that little extra.”

Haytham Nawar , born 1978, Gharbia, Egypt. Nawar got a BA in Fine Arts with a Major in Printmaking while working on his Master Degree in Media Arts in Zurich.

Kareem El Qurity born 1982, Cairo, Egypt and holds a Bachelor of Art Degree, specializing in painting from the Fine Art Faculty. El Quraity has participated in several group exhibitions nationwide.

Sameh Ismail born 1974, is the Calligraphy Master himself. The Arabic Script has never been as artistic as on Ismail’s Canvas.

Essam Darwich

Haytham Nawar

Ibrahim El Dessouki

Kareem El Qurity

Sameh Ismail

Sami Aboul Azm