Contemporary Vibes | 21 December 2008 – 11 January 2009 |
Group Exhibition

Al Masar Gallery | Contemporary Art

21 December – 11 January 2009

This exhibition is dedicated to the artists of the fifth generation, those who marked a visible milestone in the Egyptian Contemporary Art Movement today, the artists who proved themselves among the landmarks of the whole global art scene by gaining appreciation and consideration by many art biennales, major art productions, art fairs and auctions.

Hamdi Attia
: Paintings – who is making his come back into the Art Scene in Egypt after 10 years abroad . Hamdi Attia is on of two artists who earned the Grand Prize of the Venice Biennale for Egypt in 1995

Khaled Hafez : paintings – featuring his new collection (Gods & MonaLisa bats in Sarajevo ).

Hazem Taha Hussein : Paintings – featuring his new Artwork (typical memories).

Ayman el Semary : Featuting his new collection for 2008 , Mixed media on old wood (Urban Walls collection).

Sabah Naiim : Water colors on Photography – (the city of London Collection of 2007)

Hany Rashed : the young Contemporary Egyptian Vibrant Artist Hany Rashed passionately paintings the cities of his Heart featuring his new (Duality Collection).

Ayman El Semary

Hamdi Attia

Hany Rashed

Hazem Taha Hussein

Khaled Hafez

Sabah Naiim