Pharaohs of Art | 23 November – 15 December 2008 | Group Exhibition

AL MASAR GALLERY â”‚Contemporary Art

His Excellency the Minister of Culture Farouk Hosny will kindly inaugurate the exhibition:
Pharaohs of Art | The Artists of Alexandria

23 November 15 December 2008

Alexandria has always been a divine source of inspiration, throughout the years, a beautiful place you to get to know the magnificent art of Mahmoud Saiid, Abdel Hadi Al Gazzar, the Wanly brothers, Farouk Hosny, Ahmad Moustafa, and others. Al Masar is proud to present the works of the great artists of Alexandria, those who truly reflect the art in Alexandria today, those who are appreciated by many collectors and art lovers. The exhibition features the unseen historical Sculptures by Dr. Al Ghoul Ali Ahmed, a pioneer sculptor & painter, Abdulsalem Eid &  his magnificent Collage & De-collage Collection, Mohamed Salem & his exclusive artworks of mosaic and paintings (The Arial Planet Earth Collection). Those three artists are considered to be artists who marked a visible milestone among the Modern artists of the third generation in Alexandria.  Their work will be revealed to art collectors and lovers at Al Masar Gallery.

Abdulsalam Eid

Al Ghoul Ali Ahmed

Mohammed Salem