Masters of Yesterday, Landmarks of Today & Stars of Tomorrow |
13 June – 1 September 2010 | Annual Group Exhibition

Al MASAR GALLERY | Contemporary Art

In Celebration of Al Masar Gallery’s Second Anniversary, Al Masar Gallery presents:

CONTEMPORARY VIEWS III | Masters of Yesterday, Landmarks of Today,
and Stars of Tomorrow.

13 June 1 September 2010

In celebration of AL MASAR Gallery’s second anniversary, it’s a pleasure to announce the opening of its 18th exhibition to date ” Contemporary Views III ”, the annual exhibition that Al Masar has held since it’s inauguration in 2008. The exhibition provides an overview of the finest contemporary Egyptian artists who have marked milestones on the Art’s path, and highlights the works of the different generations of the Egyptian renowned and old  art movements.  Contemporary Views III presents the evolution of Egyptian fine artists, starting by the great late artists, the pioneers of the third generation, great artists of today, until the vibrant emerging artists of tomorrow which Al Masar Gallery foresees their very promising future in Art .

Contemporary Views III Features the work of great Egyptian Modern & Contemporary artists; late artists : Hussein Youssef Amin, Tahia Halim, Mounir Canaan, Saiid El Adawi, Mahmoud Abdullah – Landmarks : Taha Hussein, Omar El Nagdi, Adel El Siwi, Leila Izzet, Essam Marouf, Ibrahim El Dessouki, Hamdi Attia, Khaled Hafez, Hazem Taha, Gihan Sulaima , Essam Darwich, Hani Feisal, Hany Rashed, Amr Mounib & Ahmed Askalany – and young talents of today: Kareem Al Qurity, Shaker Idris, Sameh Ismail, Ayman Lotfy – and the new faces to the art’s scene: Ahmed Farid & Basil Halwagy.

Adel El Siwi

Ahmed Askalany

Ahmed Farid

Ayman Lotfy

Basel El Halwagy

Essam Darwich

Essam Marouf

Gihan Suleiman

Hamdi Attia

Hany Rashed

Hassan Soliman

Haytham Nawar

Hazem Taha

Hussein Youssef Amin

Ibrahim El Dessouki

Kareem El Qurity

Khaled Hafez

Leila Ezzat

Mahmoud Abdullah

Mahmoud Al Dowaihy

Saiid El Adawi

Sameh Ismail

Sami Abouelazm

Shaker Idris

Taha Hussein

Tahia Halim