Impulsive Expressionism│Omar El Nagdi | 25 April 2010 | Solo Exhibition

AL MASAR GALLERY │Contemporary Art

25 April 2010 – 19 May 2010

What does Impulsive Expressionism ideology mean? It is the impulsive expression generated by the artist as his impulsive reaction to any theme at a moment, during which he is psychologically willing for instantaneous expression of such a theme regardless of his style of expression. His style of expression is rather determined by this creative emotional moment.

This impulsive reaction is the outcome of what an artist has stored in the subconscious of the theme’s shock that excited him and stirred his reservoir to emerge to the conscious to translate it at that moment to an artistic work.

What is new in this ideology is that it liberates the artist to move from one style to another without the restraints of a certain school. This means that the work of art can be affected by more than one style. The only restraint, to which an artist adheres, is his impulsive reaction to the theme, which he expresses with honesty and genuine creativity. It is an impulsive expression or the first spark inherent in an artist reservoir, which is ignited by his impulsive reaction to the theme itself.

The truth is that the impulsive expressionism school has its roots in human nature throughout the human history.

The ideology in its personality, which is extracted from human nature, is rather promising since it is loaded with unorthodox development compared to the old schools of art.

The impulsive expressionism ideology has surpassed the plastic arts to other art creative realms, such as poetry, literature and expressive arts like contemporary cinema and theatre.
Thus, the plastic artist generates every day new horizons for artistic expression to gratify his creative ambitions, revealing something new to the amusement and enjoyment of both the artist himself and the spectator.

The plastic artist has his own cultural message, that adds to him and to his new personality through his access to experiments of others; whether by watching, reading poetry, literature and science or by watching and enjoying other kinds of arts.

From this point of view I can say that from my reading of our arts and ancient Arabic literature, I grasped this enjoyable moment, in which I discovered this ideology of impulsive expressionism that was prevailing in their arts and literature. This stimulated me to cling to it and rediscover it through a different aspect in our contemporary world by confirming the passionately temporal moment in my artistic expression, which has become loaded by the features and characteristics of the school of impulsive expressionism.

His asserts that the moment that ignites the first spark, touches inner feelings by the same amount of physical, psychological and chemical reaction to the event, beckoned to by the human conscious. Harmonizing the contradictions and the complementarity at the moment of diving deep in the art’s reservoir to surface with the creative work is what stimulated me during the total merger.

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