Passing Faces | Paintings by Kareem Al Qurity | 10 March – 19 April 2013 | Solo Exhibition


10 March – 19 April 2013

“Passing Faces” is a solo exhibition by talented & successful contemporary Egyptian artist Kareem Al Qurity. The artist in this exhibition is inspired by the faces of people he comes across in his daily life. Al Qurity in his art is much influenced by the life on the streets of Cairo especially the facial expressions of people on the streets as they walk by & go about their daily lives. Al Qurity’s main source of inspiration is the street where he starts off by sketching people on public transportation to decipher the subtle variations of their moods & later turning them into paintings that depict entire emotions that speak for themselves. Al Qurity has a way of manipulating expression, composition and body language skillfully giving a voice to the silent faces he presents in his paintings.

Click here to view his previous solo exhibition at Al Masar Gallery | Contemporary Art.

The exhibition will continue through April 19, 2013

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