Al Masar Gallery | The Art Lounge is proud to announce it’s first online exhibition.

“Searching for the Light I” is The Art Lounge’s first online exhibition featuring the latest artworks by established Egyptian artist Mohamed Abla.

The exhibition can be viewed online & purchase requests can be made.

The exhibition is inspired by the Egyptian nature which is the artist’s main inspiration for this collection. Abla chose the city of Fayoum as the main source of inspiration especially the area of Lake Qaroun where the colors of the surrounding scenery is in continuous change as the sunlight falls differently on it throughout the day creating a rainbow of colors that the artist manifests in his paintings. The artist describes the place as a place of great charm & he finds beauty & solitude in its silence that is often beautifully interrupted by the sound of a gentle breeze.

Abla spent seven years in Europe after graduating from the faculty of Fine Arts in Alexandria. In fact his travels has given him a broad exposure to the international art scene & a chance to study & exhibit in European galleries. Abla’s work has focused mainly on graphic & oil paintings.

“Searching for the Light II” which is an extension of the online exhibition ongoing now will be on display at the gallery next season.

Contact us for purchase requests or any inquiries about the exhibition.

To view full painting with its caption, click on the image to enlarge it.