TAHA HUSSEIN | Latest Works on Paper (2011 – 2013) | 21 April – 9 May 2013 | Solo Exhibition

AL MASAR GALLERY | Contemporary Art

21 April – 9 May 2013

Al Masar Gallery has the pleasure to announce the opening of a solo exhibition by renowned artist Taha Hussein titled “Taha Hussein | Latest Works on Paper (2011 – 2013)”. “Taha Hussein | Latest Works on Paper (2011 – 2013)” is a solo exhibition featuring the artist’s latest works on paper produced between 2011 and 2013. The exhibition is dedicated to the artist’s 84th birthday.

The exhibition will feature a variety of works on paper that will bring us closer to the art of Hussein. Hussein is known for his everlasting devotion to his art. His creativity and presence is highly felt in all of his artwork. The artist’s experience becomes more established the longer he practices and the full control he possesses over his skills as an artist is evident in his beautiful art.

His art experience in abstraction started after his 50’s period when he could have been called the Egyptian George ROAULT, for using thick lines in figurative painting portraying life in the country side, he then swiftly moved to his continuous journey into calligraphy Art, which he is still practicing till this day.

The exhibition “Taha Hussein | Latest Works on Paper (2011 – 2013)” will continue through May 9th , 2013

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